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Homestay Experiences in Sri Lanka

Homestays in Sri Lanka is made for those who desire for adifferent experience; one that takes visitors to the very origins of the localpeople, their lifestyles and cultures and the rare opportunity not just to seeit all but to live it too. Staying with a local family in Sri Lanka will giveyou the chance of being part of the family, engaging in day-to-day activities,sharing their way of life, appreciating local family’s values, and enjoying atrue friendly stay. Indulge with true Sri Lankan kindness, let ‘Amma’ or Mothermake the most delicious Sri Lankan meals and local desserts and you can helpher in the preparation while learning about Sri Lankan cuisine or help ‘Thatha’or Father with the home garden. Just stroll around the area and turn into atrue ‘local’; take a river bath, play a game of cricket with the village kids,go on a nature walk, visit the neighbours, visit a temple, and indulge in somemeditation or visit the local Ayurveda Doctor and learn about this over 5000-year-oldtraditional healing system based on herbs and diets. There is so much to do andsee in a homestay in Sri Lanka, you might want to stay on and on. If you careto bond and connect with the spirit of Sri Lanka then ‘Home Stay in Sri Lanka”is the best way to make it happen.

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